Mentoring Program FAQ

Why should I participate in a Mentoring Program?
The mentoring program is a connection by which the AMA New York is bringing together marketers of different experiences and backgrounds to help them identify their strengths, improve their performance and establish a roadmap to achieve short and long-term career goals. As a Mentor, you will become linked with a new network of future leaders and marketing innovators and give your experience in marketing new meaning by sharing it with a junior marketer.  As a Mentee, this is an opportunity for you to identify where you can improve and grow as a marketer and achieve future goals that will differentiate your value as you progress in your career.

How much time must I commit to the Mentoring Program?
The mentoring commitment is approximately six months where we suggest a minimum of 1.5 hours per month spent in sessions.

Do I have to meet with my Mentor or Mentee in person or can it be done online or over the telephone?
We require a minimum of one in-person meeting in the first month so you may personally meet your Mentor or Mentee and learn more about each other’s backgrounds. During that in-person meeting, you can discuss the preferred method of communication going forward and how frequently you would like to have sessions. Communication may be commonly achieved with in-person meetings, video chat or telephone call.

What can my mentor do for me?
Your mentor is an experienced marketing professional who can help you make a personal plan and encourage you to take action on it. They will provide you with constructive criticism and best practices for you to make progress on your goals and positive changes for you to consider.  Your mentor cannot make a decision for you, manage your career, or use his or her influence for you in any way.

What if I am not assigned a Mentor? Should I re-apply?
Once you submit your initial application, it will be reviewed by the Mentoring Program Committee to determine if you can be matched with a Mentor.  At times, we may experience an overwhelming amount of applications from Mentees that exceed the number of Mentors available.  If we cannot match you immediately, we will keep your application on file and contact you once we have been able to match you with a Mentor, therefore you do not have to re-apply.

How long should I wait to receive a response on whether a match has been made?
We expect the number of applicants will fluctuate throughout the year, therefore you can expect to receive a communication acknowledging your application is being reviewed approximately 2-3 weeks after your submission and a response on whether a match was made approximately 2 weeks after that first communication.

Is there anyone I can contact if my Mentor or Mentee and I cannot establish a productive relationship?
Our Mentoring Program Committee is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your mentoring relationship.  If you have any concerns that you wish to communicate about your mentoring relationship, we encourage you to contact our AMA New York Mentoring Program Director, Bianca DiSalvo, at

Can I be paired with another Mentor or Mentee automatically at the end of the 6-month program?
To ensure fairness to your fellow AMA New York members also interested in the Mentoring Program, we will send you an evaluation form towards the end of your program where we will ask you if you would like to re-apply for another 6-month program. If you elect to re-apply, our Mentoring Program Committee will review your application as they would with a new applicant to determine if a match can be made.

How do Mentors benefit from the program?
Mentors will experience the rewards of helping another person reach their goals as a fellow marketing professional.  Most important, the Mentoring Program provides Mentors with an opportunity to develop a new perspective, learn about another organization or changes in the industry, gain additional insight into their own paths and values, and go through a reflective process that resembles that of the Mentee. In helping a junior marketer, Mentors often find themselves doing some thinking about their careers as well. While positively impacting Mentees with their guidance and counseling, Mentors are often inspired to become more supportive of similar efforts in the industry or seek mentors for themselves.

What if I know someone I’d like to be matched with?
The AMA New York Mentoring Program Committee has carefully designed the matching process based on several criteria.  For this reason, a match cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the group of applicants as a whole and the ratio of Mentors-to-Mentees available.

I’m new to being a Mentor. Will training be provided?
The AMA New York Mentoring Program Committee is dedicated to providing you a foundation to start your mentoring relationship on the right track.  For those with no prior mentoring experience, a brief training session will be made available to provide you with an understanding of how the mentoring process works and how to make the best out of your relationship.

Are there other programs the AMA New York is offering to members?
The AMA New York is always seeking to provide value to its members. We encourage you to visit the AMA New York website at www.AMA New to explore the marketing resources, events, and content available to members.

General Policy

The AMA New York welcomes all of its members to participate in the Mentoring Program.  Mentor and Mentee qualifications will be reviewed by the Mentoring Program Committee as part of the application and matching process. It is the policy of the AMA New York to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.

For information regarding the AMA New York Mentoring Program, please contact: