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The Strategic Importance of Market Intelligence

Collecting market intelligence when you expand internationally is a strategic imperative. Understanding the where, why, when and how of stepping into a foreign market will help you optimize company resources, align functions, and design the most effective market-focused strategy to meet business goals.

Seven Keys to Successful Brand Collaboration

Seven Keys to Successful Brand Collaboration by Connie Chi | Founder + CEO | The Chi Group A successful brand collaboration can be shockingly powerful--as powerful as influencer marketing. The idea behind it may seem basic and simple yet there are many factors which...

Marketing Volunteer: Shine a Spotlight on Your Marketing Talents

Be a marketing volunteer. Get involved and enjoy tremendous реrsоnаl benefits with the AMA New York chapter. Giving of your time is a perfect way to showcase your marketing talents –talents that are реrfесtlу suited for vоluntееrіsm. 

Boost Your Marketing Automation Content Strategy

Marketing automation has grown into a billion-dollar industry by offering better customer experience, improved resource allocation and the ability to more cost-effectively scale operations. Though there is a much more to consider, core system capabilities include:...

AMA New York Live Events Great for Networking and Career Development

New York American Marketing Association (AMA New York) live events will make a major difference in your professional life. Watching a streaming live event or a webinar is convenient, but do you gain the contacts and network that you need to grow your business or...

The mission of the American Marketing Association New York is to inspire, support and celebrate brilliance in marketing. Founded in 1931, the AMA New York is the principal community for marketing professionals across all industries and disciplines in the New York area. Offering programs, monthly events, and interaction with the chapter through volunteer activities, we provide marketers with an opportunity to increase their knowledge and reach in the marketing community. AMA New York is the creator of the Effies, the Greenbook and the new Marketing Hall of Fame, which honors outstanding marketers nationwide.

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