Using Streaming Content in a Comprehensive Ad Campaign


Streaming has drastically changed how people watch TV and, in turn, how advertisers can reach them. Learn about the rise of streaming and how incorporating it into your marketing plan can boost campaign results.

Lisa Merriam is a brand consultant who helps create and build profitable brands. She has decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies and major brands to start-ups and fast-growth businesses across all aspects of branding. Lisa is a frequent contributor of subject matter expertise to NPR, CBS, CNN, BBC, FortuneCrain’sThe AtlanticMarketing Daily, and many others. She writes for publications such as ForbesYahoo FinanceAmerican Bank MarketingManufacturingApparel Magazine, China Business NewsSporting Goods Business, and others. Her book Merriam’s Guide to Naming was first published in 2009, with a second edition in 2013. She is co-author of Weaponized Marketing with forward by Marketing Hall of Famer Dr. Philip Kotler.