The Future of the CMO

Shape the Future of Marketing with Your Peers

An Exclusive Opportunity for CMOs, CRO, and Heads of Marketing

AMA New York has formed a new program that is built exclusively for executive marketing leaders. This program will provide you with an opportunity for meaningful exploration of strategies, sharing of success stories, and discussion of new trends. We will facilitate confidential conversations, roundtable discussions, thought sharing, and educational sessions focused on addressing the important topics that shape the future of marketing and the role of the CMO.

Featured Programs Sections

CMO Video Series

The Future of the CMO has evolved to a new, exclusive digital content series. Join us as top executives discuss major trends and insights impacting them.

CMO Roundtables

Shape the future of marketing and the role of the CMO as part of a dynamic, highly accomplished team of passionate marketers.

CMO Events

The CMO role is ever-evolving. Join us for practical discussions and expert presentations that help you navigate and upskill in the executive suite.

Featured Partners

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Be Part of This Group of Like-Minded Executives

  • Experience VIP engagement with executive marketers in the New York City area
  • Participate in private discussions with leading experts and innovators in marketing technology, CX approaches, marketing team excellence and more
  • Cultivate confidential and informative exchange that cross-pollinates ideas and
    contributes to the development of company strategies for marketing executives
  • Build a strong executive marketer peer cohort
  • Optionally participate in speaking, presentation and content delivery in partnership with AMA New York
  • Advocate for AMA New York and all that we are working to achieve on behalf of

Key Insights

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