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BRITE Conference 2019 Highlights

The BRITE Conference at Columbia University’s Center on Global Brand Leadership annually brings together people from branding, innovation and technology. BRITE ’19 focused on how changes in business, society and technology are influencing brand building.

BRITE is a do-not-miss event on the calendars of AMA New York’s membership, but in case you missed it, BRITE ’19 speaker and Columbia Business School professor Rita Gunther McGrath has posted highlights:

Three Takeaways from Session 1 BRITE 2019

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of perspective in determining whether you should cooperate or compete.
  2. Social robots can help create a better world– My Special Aflac Duck shows how interactive robotic technology (a social robot) can help children with significant healthcare challenges, like cancer.
  3. Everyone is competing for attention, which brands don’t compete against other brands for your attention; they compete against everything.

Power of Simplicity, Future of Banking, AI and Machine Learning

  1. Simplicity, clarity, and responsiveness really pay off in terms of superior stock performance, price premium, and word-of-mouth.
  2. Banking is going through an existential crisis with massive changes in financial technology changing what is possible and how customers behave.
  3. What are the key touchpoints for your machine learning strategy—why business leaders can’t just leave it to technologists.

Virtual Reality and Beyond, Creating a Great Logo, and Issues around Artificial Intelligence

  1. How are brands and corporations using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other types of reality (XR)?
  2. What does it take to create a great logo?
  3. The day wrapped with a session on the promise and expectations for artificial intelligence and the need to develop a comprehensive governance structure to prevent nightmare scenarios.


Learn more about the BRITE Conference here, and put BRITE ’20 on your calendar for March 27, 2020.

Lisa Merriam serves on the American Marketing Association board of directors and is chairman of the communications committee. She is a marketing, brand, and content consultant at Merriam Associates.