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Career Development Tips from a Marketing Trailblazer

By Alexandra Krylova
AMA New York Volunteer

Career development tips were the focus of  the AMA New York’s Women in Marketing webinar, led by Jennifer Consaga, senior digital marketer at Smartling, a translation management software company. She shared her own authentic and honest experiences with the audience of mostly college graduates and career changers.


Career Development Tips

Here are the top 10 career development tips from Jennifer’s presentation:

  1. As a marketer, it is important to be authentic.
  2. Confidence comes with time and experience.
  3. When making a career change, it’s important to acknowledge there may be knowledge gaps, and be ready to seek out new skills and further your education.
  4. When starting out in your career, you need to put your best foot forward, ready and willing to learn.
  5. Seek out people from whom you can learn and grow, such as colleagues or mentors. Surround yourself with individuals who will support your career development.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for something you want, such as a raise or increased job responsibilities, especially when you bring added value to the table. “If you don’t use your voice, how will you be heard?” says Jennifer.
  7. If you find yourself in a situation being confronted by your manager for a mistake, take responsibility and own that issue through to resolution. Show your manager that you know how to fix the situation.
  8. Possess basic technology skills necessary for success in digital marketing: SEO, CMS Platform, social media, Google Analytics and paid ads. Understand basic functions and operations even if you don’t work with something directly.
  9. When applying to jobs, always take an interview. It’s an opportunity to get experience selling yourself, discussing your resume, and making connections.
  10.  Don’t sell yourself short. Know your value and bring your whole self to work.

Which of these career development tips resonate with you? Share in the comments!