Back-to-School Marketing Has Long-Term Impact

Sep 5, 2019 | 0 comments

The data and analytics firm Cardlytics poured through $2.4 trillion dollars in purchasing data to release these back-to-school marketing insights:


  • Customers acquired during the fall back-to-school season spend 20% more than customers acquired during the Christmas holidays.
  • 64% of holiday purchases were from repeat customers acquired earlier in the year
  • Loyalty really does pay. Companies deliver a great first experience and keep customers engaged enjoy repeat visits and repeat purchases that increase the lifetime value of the customer.
  • Companies that invest in promotions that create a habit with new customers can enjoy higher holiday sales at a reduced cost of customer acquisition.

Smart marketers recognize the tactical value of individual seasons and promotions, but always keep an eye on long-term strategy.

Lisa Merriam serves on the American Marketing Association board of directors and is chairman of the communications committee. She is a marketing, brand, and content consultant at Merriam Associates. She is the co-author with Milton Kotler of Weaponized Marketing: Defeating Islamic Jihadists with Marketing that Built the World’s Top Brands, Rowman Littlefield, Spring 2020.

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