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Virtual Conversation with Jennifer Consaga, senior digital marketer, Smartling


Research shows that women hold 52% of professional and managerial positions but the numbers decrease as women move up. It’s time to shift that dynamic! AMA New York is thrilled to host a monthly virtual series featuring six separate conversations with women who are redefining marketing. Young Mi Park, adjunct lecturer at Columbia University and Rutgers Business School, will interview female marketing experts about how they have navigated their careers and have developed their own leadership styles. At the end of each interview, there will be a 30 minute live “Ask Me Anything” session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get a needed boost of inspiration to help start a new leadership endeavor or to take your career to the next level.

Tune into this exclusive virtual opportunity to hear from Jennifer Consaga, senior digital marketer at Smartling. Discover how Jennifer has carved her own place in marketing and advertising, first through navigating the agency world and now through serving as senior digital marketer at Smartling.

Much appreciation to our event partners – Smartling, Cisco and GreenBook.


Jennifer Consaga, speaker

Jennifer Consaga is the senior manager of digital marketing at Smartling with responsibility for the brand’s digital strategy. She has personally managed and strategized the rollout of Smartling’s initial one-to-many ABM strategy and is continuously working to build upon those efforts with key stakeholders across the business. She finds inspiration for her work through art, music, and her colleagues, and loves to collaborate with her team to drive business impact. In her free time, Jenn enjoys the great outdoors, live music, cooking, and long walks with her 5-month-old goldendoodle Teddie.


Young Mi Park’s background spans three continents and diverse industries – consumer, education, government, advertising, media, and technology. She has held leadership roles with brands such as American Express, Burger King, and Levi Strauss; education companies, such as Sesame Workshop and Nations Academy; and technology and new ventures. She became the third woman advertising account executive in Korea and, later on, the first woman head of a foreign industrial subsidiary.