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Advertising Week: It’s like an MBA in marketing in four days. Bob Kahn, past president of the American Marketing Association New York, and Senior Vice President at Elateral, a SaaS marketing production platform revolutionizes the production and distribution of marketing content by enabling brands and agencies to produce more relevant content faster, cheaper, and more accurately, talks about Advertising Week New York 2018.

00:00 Lisa Merriam, Host of AMA Brilliance in Marketing: Advertising Week is THE event for brand, marketing, advertising, and technology professionals
00:08 The American Marketing Association New York caught up with Bob Kahn, who gave us a recap of some of the week’s highlights. 00:15 Bob Kahn, AMA Past President and SVP at Elateral: Advertising week is like a fire hose. There are four days and evenings of content presentations.
00:21 There are 350 different sessions with 1300 speakers and panelists on a wide range of subjects including advertising itself, obviously, media, technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital, analytics, branding, celebrity and marketing endorsements.
00:44 It’s the broadest range of subjects in the field that I think you would find.
00:48 There are a number of key themes, but one of them really is all about how consumers have really transitioned into controlling the whole ecosphere of communications.
00:58 Consumers decide when and where and in what medium they want to watch or consume advertising content.
01:04 They control social media they’re posting, they’re viewing, and advertisers and marketers have become sensitive to the fact that they need to really address consumer needs if they are to sell products and do marketing messages.
01:21 The week is a celebration of greatness in advertising and marketing. The panelists represent some of the finest presenters, speakers, creative minds, and intelligence in the industry.
01:32 But the paradox is that they’re really concerned and frustrated because the fundamental business models of advertising and media are, as we all know, eroding. And it’s happening in a much more rapid pace than people realized.
01:47 The industry is asking itself a lot of fundamental questions about are we relevant how do we break through to get consumers attentions.
01:55 Issues like programmatic advertising analytics obviously social media marketing are all at the top of the agenda for this conference.
02:01 This is not a conference for the faint of heart, so to speak.
02:09 It’s almost overwhelming. It’s like a firehose there are so many decisions that you have to make to navigate all the simultaneous sessions that are going on. 0216 They have different tracks based upon subjects so you can literally stay in one room and see different subjects throughout the day, or you can move around.
02:27 But it’s a little complicated and it’s kind of like taking an MBA all at the same time over four-day period.
02:33 Lisa Merriam: Thank you Bob advertising week wraps tomorrow, but don’t worry if you missed it.
02:38 You can see podcasts highlights and thought leadership on the website all year round and that’s brilliance in marketing.

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